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  • (3 hours each)
  • Introduction to postural gymnastics
  • Posture for early childhood educators
  • Posture for pregnant women and young mothers
  • Posture for students at school
  • Posture in businesses (stress management)
  • Maintaining good posture for the elderly
  • We also offer Workshops on Demand
    Contact us to book a workshop designed to suit your particular needs. Available for individuals or groups.
  • Course

  • Postural gymnastics (group class)
    10 sessions of 1.5 hours each
  • Consultations

  • Individual (Mézières method)
  • By email:


    SOS Posture

    In my book SOS Posture, I have summarized the experiences of my patients. You will find the stories of numerous patients suffering from back pain and how they were able to become pain-free, in most cases without surgery. Reading the book will give you new hope and set you on the road to recovery in spirit! The rest will follow!


  • Product package for postural gymnastics
  • CD-ROM
    Purchase the Postural Gymnastics download or audio CD (self-stretching and relaxation)

  • "Take control of your body to better manage your life and your back pain."