Postural Gymnastics

Daycare centre
Garderie Au petit Carrousel Inc.

Call centre
As in any call centre, the employees are under great stress, working on the phone, with or without a headset and computer screen. Human Resources contacted Marie-France in the hope of raising awareness among staff of the poor posture they had acquired at work. Employees learned how to relax their necks and shoulders while increasing their awareness of their breathing.

Air Liquide Canada
Air Liquide Canada headquarters's health and security committee recruited Marie France Pollissard-Vaidya, Pht, to give a workshop for management employees on posture and stress management at work.

Bell Canada
Marie-France was solicited by Bell Canada's director of marketing to present at an off-site training session lasting several days. The participating managers left with tools for relaxation at home or in the workplace.

Réseau des femmes d’affaires
As a member of the Réseau des femmes d'affaires du Québec, Marie-France has been approached to animate several activities for better posture and stress management at work. These activities were presented several times running at the Réunions des Sages, 24 hour meetings for the units. Marie-France has animated several workshops as an animator and a conference speaker.

École primaire Marguerite Bourgeoys, Ms. Élise S.'s class
Letter of thanks from a fifth grade teacher at Marguerite Bourgeois elementary school.
As you can see, your great skill was once again appreciated by all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable advice. I'm sure that your suggestions will remain imprinted for a long time in the memories of our kids and I hope that they will help them to grow up proud human beings!
Til next year, I hope?
Élise S.

Andree Anne Testimonial
Andrée Anne, 5ieme
Sophie Testimonial Sophie 5ieme
Gabriel Testimonial
Gabriel 11ans
Jessika Testimonial
Jessika 11ans
Raphael Testimonial
Ariane Testimonial
Ariane 11ans

West Island senior citizens associations:
Jocelyne, 58 years old
Thank you for a wonderful class: today was the last of our ten meetings. I've taken several courses with you throughout the year, but this was the best so far. Everyone participated actively and from the heart. It was a great exchange. It was wonderful how much it brought to each and every one. For myself, it was a step that completed my spiritual, emotional and now my physical health. This did me so much good. Thanks Marie-France!

Michelle 60 years old
I am very grateful to my friend Véronique who told me about these sessions. I love the classes. I find that you integrate the physical with spiritual and even community aspects. Personally I'm careful about my posture when I'm standing up, it,s important for me to stand as straight as possible. That's life!


Mézières method

Dr Bertrand Daoust
"Marie-France practices rigorously and methodically. Her explanations of the origins of the pain we feel are as healing as her apt manipulations. The postures and movements she suggests rapidly become a way of life that effectively prevent relapses."

Madame S (Scoliosis and cervicalgia)
"I suffered from chronic neck pain for many years. Finally I sought help a few years ago. I had a year of treatment and I continued to do the exercises for several months afterwards. Later, my neck pain became less and less frequent and the mobility of my neck increased, which made all the difference to my daily life. Another advantage was the improvement of my scoliosis. I'm still impressed today that I was able to treat my scoliosis with such effectiveness in such a short time, especially at my age (over 40). Today, in addition to better posture, I've learned to be more aware of my body and to listen to it. Now I do yoga regularly, which keeps me in shape mentally as well as physically."

Madame D (Sciatica)
"The treatment really diminished the sciatic pain I had on my right side. There is still some weakness, I think I have a herniated disk. Sometimes I have more major symptoms but no neurological signs, compared to when I was treated when I was 22, I had major nerve symptoms throughout my right leg, footdrop, etc... Because we moved, I only had seven sessions and I would have continued if I could. What Mézières gave me: self-knowledge, union of intellect and feeling, body and spirit. Attaching feelings to what had been mostly theoretical for me, something I believe in - demystifying somatization. The Mézières method also also taught me to be well in my own body, to be comfortable and feel it more.

Madame N (Fibromyalgia)
"My treatment improved the pain from my fibromyalgia by improving my posture and teaching me to relax muscles and tensions. I felt beneficial effects after three weeks of treatment, especially in my knees. The treatments took place over a three-year period. My overall posture improved a lot and the pain in my legs, back and neck decreased enormously. I gained endurance and resistance to injury. To my physiotherapy, I added orthodynamic orthotics, osteopathy, Taoist tai chi, some yoga, psychotherapy and some nutritional changes on the advice of a naturopath."

Madame Su (Rheumatoid arthritis)
"I walked with a limp, carried a cane and had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for seven years when I began this Mézières treatment at the age of 28. Having struggled constantly with pain, I learned through this treatment to make my joints breathe and to better control what was happening in my body. Now I can rotate my ankle completely, I walk normally and for two years now, I'm not in any pain unless I really overdo it!
Every time I go down the stairs easily and flexibly, it's a victory for me!"

Madame J (Scoliosis with lower back pain)

"This morning when I left your office after treatment I felt good; light as a feather. I wanted to say THANK YOU first of all for listening to me, respecting me and treating me (of course)! I'm going to make myself do at least one exercise per day and I'm confident with the new awareness your treatment has given me; I'll try to coordinate the "little empty places" in my body that just need a bit of extra love to be filled. I will also read your book and I'm sure it will add to the process...

Thank you again!

your friend,
Josée xxx"

"Take control of your body to better manage your life and your back pain."